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Tasmania villas: Although Tasmania is best-known as the home of the Tasmanian devil, this ruggedly beautiful island 240 kilometres off the south-eastern coast of Australia offers far more than bad-tempered animals. If you're planning a trip to Tasmania, the villas for rent through www.selfcateringhols.com may be just what you're looking for. Our Tasmania villas enjoy pristine settings and come fully equipped with everything you'll need for a comfortable stay. All our Tasmania villas are available for flexible, short-term rental.

Tasmania is a land of stunning natural beauty, and more than a third of the land here is protected as either a national park or a Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area. The air in Tasmania has been deemed the cleanest in the world, and the waters and soil are pristine.

For long, golden beaches and the wildlife-packed Mt. William, head to the north east coast of Tasmania. A villa here is a great option for those who want beautiful beaches and beautiful inland scenery. Towns like St. Helens and Bridport provide restaurant and entertainment options, while the endless variety of landscapes in the area -- here you'll find everything from rainforests to mountain peaks -- are sure to keep you busy during the day. Further down Tasmania's east coast are national parks like Douglas-Apsley and Freycinet, a favourite with bushwalkers and sea kayakers. Great beaches are strung along the coast here. Even further south you'll find the fascinating Tasman Peninsula, where mind-boggling cliffs and Tasmania's most historic town, Port Arthur, await.

Hobart, also in the south east, is the capital and main point of entry of Tasmania. A villa in this transportation hub is ideal for those who want easy access to mainland Australia and to other points in Tasmania. Hobart is a vibrant town known for its art scene and for its waterfront area.

Tasmania's north west is packed with possibilities as well. Take a walk around Rocky Cape, known for its native orchids, and stroll through the historic streets of Stanely, one of Australia's prettiest towns. Make an excursion out to Cape Grim, where the sea air was tested as the world's cleanest, or try a river cruise on the Arthur River, home to many sea eagles. On the west coast explore the mining towns of Strahan, Tullah, Zeehan and Rosebery. From here you can head up the Gordon River into the heart of the rainforest.

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Tasmania enjoys a temperate maritime climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are warm with up to 15 hours of sunshine, while crisp weather ideal for outdoor sports marks Autumn. Winters are clear and cold, and Springtime is cool and full of wildflowers.

Rainfall on Tasmania varies dramatically. The capital, Hobart, is Australia's second-driest state capital, while Tasmania's west coast is a lush rainforest that receives 2400mm of rainfall a year.

Mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures in Hobart are, by month: Jan 22?C/12?C, Feb 22?C/12?C, Mar 21?/11?C, Apr 18?C/9?C, May 15?C/7?C, Jun 13?C/5?C, Jul 13?C/4?C, Aug 13?C/5?C, Sep 15?C/6?C, Oct 17?C/7?C, Nov 19?C/9?C, Dec 21?C/11?C.

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If you're traveling from the UK, you'll have to first fly to mainland Australia before heading on to Tasmania. The total travel time from London to Hobart, Tasmania, is 25 to 30 hours.

If you're flying to Tasmania from Australia, there are direct connections from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide on airlines like Quantaslink, Virgin, Jetstar and Regional Express. Another popular way to reach Tasmania is by ferry. Overnight ferries link Tasmania is Melbourne and Devonport via the Bass Strait.

Once on Tasmania, hiring a car is the best way to explore the island. The island is surprisingly compact, and the road and highway network is easy to follow.

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Tasmania's majestic beauty is an open invitation to get out and enjoy this natural paradise. Hiking, mountain biking, climbing, white water rafting, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, hang gliding, golfing? the list of activities to choose from is long and varied.

Walkers and trekkers should head to one of Tasmania's 20 national parks, like Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair, home to Tasmania's best-known hiking trail, and Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers, known for its rushing rivers and profound gorges. For keen long-distance hikers, a multi-day bushwalk is a great option.

Water sports are available throughout the island. Rivers and their estuaries are the place for trout and salmon fishing, while rushing rivers like the Picton or Huon Rivers provide thrilling spots for whitewater rafting. Head to the East Coast or to tranquil Flinders Island for scuba diving (Tasmania is said to be one of the world's best temperate diving destinations) and sailing.

In winter, you can go downhill skiing in areas like Ben Lomond national park.

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