Gabrovo is a town in central northern Bulgaria. It is situated at the foot of the central Balkan Mountains, in the valley of the Yantra River, and is known as an international capital of humour and satire (see Gabrovo humour), as well as noted for its Bulgarian National Revival architecture. Gabrovo is also known as the longest town in Bulgaria, stretching over 25 km along the Yantra, yet reaching only 1 km in width at places. Near Gabrovo is located the geographic center of Bulgaria - Uzana.

The winters are bright, crisp and snowy daytime, cold at night, while the summers are hot (28 - 38C), heaped with salads, water melons, grapes and full of butterflies. The four seasons in Bulgaria are very distinct. The spring happens suddenly and deciduous forests everywhere are lushly green and full of fruit blossom and birdsong. Autumn arrives just as dramatically with splendid colour tints, fruits and nuts in abundance.

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There is lots to see and do in Gabrovo but to the Bulgarians, Gabrovo is primarily known as the center of humor and satire. There is the House of Humor and Satire where you can see various art and ethnographic exhibitions and collections - paintings, humorous writings, photos, carnival masks and costumes from all over the world. A Festival of Humor and Satire takes place each May with thousands of world famous humorists from more than 150 countries. But the most attractive part of Gabrovo is the older quarter, lying beyond the Igoto Bridge on both sides of the River Yantra which carves through the long town centre. A statue of Gabrovo's legendary sixteenth-century founder, Racho the Blacksmith, stands on a rock in the river. The most picturesque place near Gabrovo is the architectural and ethnographical complex, Etar - a unique open-air museum. Tourists can visit the Historical Museum, the Art Gallery and the National Museum of Education. Uzana is a mountain locality just 22km from Gabrovo which is in fact the geographical centre of Bulgaria. It is a suitable place for winter and summer holiday. Here you can do some skiing, horse-riding, mountain-climbing, etc. The Lyulyatsite Resort is famous for its favourable effect on some pulmonary diseases. Hiking is widely available in the Central Balkan National Park.

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